For Euroinvest d.o.o. we have created a web application as a solution for managing buildings, apartments, business premises, garages and one mobile application for Tenants and Tenant Representatives through which they can track their bills, create budget and report any breakdowns to the superintendent.

Web application supports:

• Adding buildings, apartments, garages and business premises to the records,

• Management of buildings, apartments, business premises and garages,

• Entry of new users of apartments, business premises and garages

• Management of users of apartments, business premises and garages

• Records of building maintenance costs are calculated monthly for each owner of an apartment, office space and garage

• Issuing invoices to owners of apartments, business premises and garages

• Issuance of invoices for representatives of tenants / building managers

• Contingency donations when unexpected costs occur

• Records of payments

• Issuing warnings for non-payers

• Reports

Mobile application for tenants:

• View of all paid and unpaid bills

Mobile application for tenant representatives:

• Overview of paid and unpaid bills

• Overview of the number of paid and unpaid bills from tenants

• Overview of the state of the building budget

• Possibility of reporting a fault with image and text

Mobile application for the janitor

• Overview of reported faults

• Response to reported fault with status completed

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