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Extreemly big number of foreign violations, unregistered vehicles, and reactive crime fighting led us to implementation of Law enforcement system Renata. 

Renata represents a proactive information system for law enforcement which helps to increase public and national security, fighting crime and corruption, and enables massive economic and productivity growth. This modular Case Management System integrates multiple layers of databases, registers, police logic and processes, IoT and capturing devices into a powerful process orchestrating center. Thus, it provides real time data management, automatized and semi-automatized processes, increased electronic communication, task management and, overall increased quality of service.

By using this solution, police of County West Herzegovina managed to drastically improve fight against unregistered vehicles, foreign violators, stolen cars and plates and, what most important is, improved security and production. Covering towns like Ljubuški, Grude, Posušje, Široki Brijeg with video surveillance cameras and IoT devices and mobile phones Ministry led to a new paradigm of police: Safe, Reliable, Effective.

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